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SMART COATINGS Clear Coat 2K HS Antiscratch SMART COATINGS 2K HS Anti Scratch Klarlack 5L

SMART COATINGS 2K HS Anti Scratch Klarlack 5L

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Product description:

High solid, VOC compliant HS clear coat in economy class but still with very good results in UV stability, hadness and chemical and scratch resistance. Suitable for work with solvent and waterborn base coats from small to whole car repairs in spray booth.


Mix with hardener by volume in 2:1 ratio, no additional thinner necessary. Apply in two normal coats with 1,2mm nozzle with 7-12min flash off. Drying in ambient temperature extendes curing time. We recommend to keep maximum film thickness and flash off to reach excelent results.

Product packaging:

2K HS Antisctatch Klarlack             82095(5L)    82091(1L)

VOC compliant: 2004/42/IIB(e)(840)540 

Mixing ratio

2 : 1 by volume


2K  HS Antiscratch Härter     92092 (2,5L)  92091 (0,5L)


No thinner necessary

Viscosity, pot life

15-17 sec at 20°C (Ford cup 4mm)

90min at 20°C

Spray gun


Air pressure recommended by the spray gun manufacturer.


2 normal coats

Film thickness 50-55µm


7 – 12 min ati 20°C

Drying time

30 min at 60°C

6-7 h at 20°C

10-11 h at 20°C for polishing

Fully cured after 5-7 days at 20°C

IR drying

Medium and short waves: 10 minut



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